Q: You played a role of Moo Suk, a royal soldier, Did you have any difficulty or put some efforts in taking a part in the period drama?

YH: It was my first period drama so I was a little nervous in the beginning. However, I did not think that I have to play the role in the fashion suited to a period drama, rather I wanted to play the role of Moo Suk so I took Moo Suk’s character into consideration first. Moo Suk keeps his emotion deep in his heart, so you may think that he is not an interesting character. I thought about why Moo Suk became like that and focused on that part. The quieter he became, the more the reason why he shut himself and live his life was unravelled, when he met with his younger sister, In Hwa. I wanted to express such emotions.. There is also something cute in Moo Suk.

Q: How did you think about that Changmin-san of Tohoshinki’s song was played in Moo Suk’s part of the drama?

YH: If I were not playing the role in this drama, I thought that I sang the song with Changmin together. Because Changmin sang the song, it sounds different from other songs. I knew Changmin’s voice so well that I understand how Changmin felt while singing the song. The Diary of A Night Watchman is a really interesting story. I am excited so please enjoy it.

Source: kntv
Translated by: @mug_ping
German Translation: U-know Yunho ~A Leader’s Universe~
Shared by: WBC + U-know Yunho ~A Leader’s Universe~